This instance is a Twitter to ActivityPub bridge.
Learn more or find a Twitter account below:

In order to keep this service available to everyone, users are only permitted to follow 50 account(s). Any additional follows will be rejected. For more information, see our about page.
The Fediverse has its own identity, culture, and norms. twtr.plus, an ethical bridge to Twitter, aims to allow others to join our group without necessarily losing track of their Twitter follows. However, the service is not intended to make the Fediverse "Twitter 2" and it is not intended to allow you to re-follow your entire list. The service has a limit on how many people you can follow both because leaving Twitter just to refollow everyone on the Fediverse is against our norms, and because the high-quality method in which twtr.plus retrieves posts has limits. Do not recommend that people follow their entire following list from twtr.plus, or any other BirdsiteLIVE instance, and before following an account, consider interacting with the wider Fediverse first.

All Twitter accounts not on the whitelist post followers only, which means you cannot publicly reply to or repost their Tweets; this is intentional. @pasture@pl.gamers.exposed and @graf@poa.st are open to receiving requests for accounts to move to the whitelist, as long as they are public figures, news organizations, brands, or other unique accounts that will add to the Fediverse experience. We will not generally approve bots (unless they are unique - we have enough of these on fedi itself) and only approve accounts where the owner has no reason to believe their Tweets aren't being archived.